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A time-saving payroll solution

As a clothing shop owner, I am always overworked. Earny helps me a lot by automating our payroll process and saving me hours every month. The automatic tax calculation is a game-changer. Thanks, Earny!

Save many hours every month when preparing your employees' payroll and reduce costs.

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Employee onboarding

Arrivals and departures are part life in a shop. With Earny, you don't waste time on paperwork; your new employees receive a link to fill out all of their information directly. All you have to do is focus on what's important: people and service.

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Stay in control

Anticipating cash flow and managing costs is fundamental to the success of your shop. Earny's cockpit allows you to see at a glance the status of your contributions and wages in real time and plan for the following months. It has never been easier to plan for the future.

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Security and reliability

Our expertise in the field of payroll in Switzerland and our Swissdec certification guarantee you have payroll that is always accurate and compliant with legislation. In addition, all our storage centres are in Switzerland and are ISO 27001 certified, guaranteeing best security for your most sensitive data 24/7.

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Reliable and accurate for my shops

I switched to Earny for my family retail business and I couldn't be happier. It has greatly reduced errors in our payroll, and the customer support is top notch. I have complete confidence in Earny's reliability.

Less time on payroll is
more time to spend with your clients.

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Management of flexible hours

We understand the needs of shops like yours and have designed Earny to meet those needs. So manage your salespeople's flexitime, overtime and commission as easily as if they were on a fixed salary.

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Automation of payroll deductions

Automatically generate National Insurance contribution deductions for each employee and submit them to the appropriate authorities in one click. Do you have withholding taxes? No problem, Earny administers and deducts them all by itself.

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Invite your accountant

No more monthly unsecure emails to your accountant: invite them to join your Earny cockpit. They will then have access to all pay data, accounting and banking exports. Everyone achieves greater autonomy and efficiency, therefore improving on costs. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is Earny suitable for my shop?


Does your business have one or dozens of employees? Are you a franchisee or independent? Do you pay wages monthly, hourly, at  a variable rate, and with or without a bonus? With Earny, payroll will become a breeze regardless of your circumstances!

What is the purpose of payroll software?


Are you not an expert? We are! With Earny, save time and gain peace of mind and control over your payroll management. You no longer need to know all of the variations in Swiss county contributions or the tax rate at source of each borough. Earny takes care of everything for you.

Can I do my own payroll?


It is entirely possible for a business to do its own payroll. However, there are many pitfalls and subtleties regarding contributions, insurance, regulations or withholding tax and a mistake can be costly. That's why we've designed Earny: to help you make sure your payroll is perfectly accurate. Every single month.

Is Earny cheaper than an accounting firm?


Earny adapts to your needs. With us, you only pay for what you use. In addition, each employee has access to his or her own secure area. They can then monitor and change all of their data, saving time and money for everyone: no more transfer fees!

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Seamless integration

We use Earny in our chain of shops and it integrates seamlessly with our existing systems. The transition was smooth and the software is easy to learn. Our employees like that they are able to clearly see and access their pay information.


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Clear billing with no extra costs. With Earny, there are no nasty surprises.

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With no obligation

With Earny Monthly, you can cancel whenever you want, with no need to serve any notice period.

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Total flexibility

Is your number of employees changing? Earny is adaptable and always charges you the right package.

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No hidden fees

With clear billing by company, there are no surprises at the end of the month.

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Fast migration

Our experts are here to help you, so that you can take care of the essentials stress-free.

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