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Optimal Payroll Management for SMEs and Startups in Switzerland: A Comprehensive Guide 📚

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In Switzerland, SMEs and Startups have two main options for managing their payroll: they can either work with an accountant or handle it in-house. This guide aims to clarify the processes involved in both methods.

The Accountant Route 🧮

Employing an accountant means you outsource your payroll process, but this doesn't necessarily lessen your workload. You still have the responsibility to compile all payroll-related information and report any changes such as allowances, expenses, or life events like the birth of a child.

Unfortunately, this communication often happens via email or PDF. The accountant will then manually enter the data into their payroll software. This process may involve an enterprise solution like Abacus or Microsoft Dynamics, where the SME won't have direct access.

In some cases, more user-friendly payroll solutions like Bexio or Klara might be used. But even with these tools, SMEs often need the help of an accountant to set up and manage payroll processes, especially when dealing with complex situations like insurance reimbursements or hiring a new employee with a B permit.

One critical aspect to note is that each time you engage your accountant, the clock is ticking. Fees can range from 35-60 CHF per employee per month, not including additional costs like company setup, employee onboarding, or payroll amendments. These charges come on top of the costs associated with payroll software usage.

The DIY approach 👨‍💻

The alternative to hiring an accountant is managing payroll in-house. However, this option requires a solid understanding of insurance policies, payroll software, and the ability to identify the appropriate wage type for each unique situation.

To establish your own payroll system, you need:

  1. Company Information (UID, Legal formation, Address, etc)
  2. Accident Insurance Policies
  3. Daily Sickness Insurance Policies
  4. Additional Insurance Policy (Optional)
  5. Pension Policy
  6. Employee Information for each Employee
  7. Company Policies (Working hours, vacation, etc)

Once you've gathered all this information, you should choose SwissDec certified payroll software to ensure the accuracy of your payroll calculations. Examples of SwissDec payroll software include Bexio, Klara, and our backend product Mega Salaries of Earny.

Simplify your payroll with Earny 🚀

Regardless of whether SMEs decide to outsource their payroll or manage it themselves, they inevitably spend significant time setting up and monitoring their payroll. At Earny, we believe this time could be better spent growing your business.

Our vision revolves around a simple payroll setup and an autopilot system where employees report their changes, seamlessly integrated into the next payroll cycle. We aim to alleviate the administrative burden of payroll management for SMEs, startups, and accountants.

With Earny as your payroll provider, you can devote more time to your core business operations, confident that your payroll management is accurate, efficient, and compliant.

The future of payroll is bright with Earny. For those interested, follow us on LinkedIn or reach out to be a part of the revolution. 🌟

Bassil Eid
Sales Director

Sales Director ofEarny and long-time CFO working with startups.

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