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A comprehensive list for companies and employees to manage salaries in Switzerland 📝

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A Company & Employee Checklist to Run Swiss Payroll 📝 Optimise your Swiss payroll management with our comprehensive company and employee checklists. We cover key points including UID number, compensation fund, accident insurance, pension schemes, and much more. Additionally, learn about Earny, your reliable Swiss payroll provider.

✅ Company Checklist for Swiss Payroll

  1. UID number 🆔

Companies should be registered in the commercial registry and possess a UID number. Freelancers can run payroll without a UID. Earny can pull your UID directly from the registry as you enter your company's name. Check out the Swiss commercial registry for all registered companies here.

  1. Family compensation fund 💼

Companies must register with the compensation fund in their local canton and identify their specific required contributions. In certain situations, employee contributions are also necessary, but Earny has got this covered. For example, the compensation fund in Zurich can be found here.

  1. Withholding tax number 💰

If your employees are subject to withholding tax, you'll need a withholding number provided by your local canton. Earny uses this number to transmit your withholding tax information monthly. For instance, the tax office in Zurich is here.

  1. AVS /AHV number 🔢

Companies are required to submit declarations to their local AHV office. Earny can handle this electronically on your behalf, but you'll need to provide your AHV number. For instance, the AHV office in Zurich is here.

  1. Accident Insurance (Mandatory)

🚑Companies must take out accident insurance to cover occupational and non-occupational scenarios for their employees. Insurance providers like Axa, Zurich insurance, or brokers like Qualibroker or Helvengo can assist you with this.

  1. Daily Sickness Insurance (Optional)

🤒Companies can opt to take out daily sickness insurance that covers instances of employees going on sick leave. Contact an insurance provider like Axa or Zurich insurance or a broker like Qualibroker or Helvengo to facilitate this.

  1. Additional Accident Insurance (Optional)

💥Companies can choose to provide further coverage beyond the minimum mandatory accident insurance.

  1. Pension plan (optional)‍

👴👵Pension schemes may be optional depending on your situation. If employees make less than 21,510 CHF per year or are under the age of 18, pension schemes do not apply. Pension providers like SwissLife or brokers like Qualibroker can assist you in securing pension rates.

  1. Vacation policy‍

🏖️Companies employing hourly workers need to specify their vacation policy. This policy impacts the hourly rate as companies are required to pay a premium for vacation pay to hourly employees. Earny simplifies this for you once you define the vacation policy.

  1. Company IBAN 🏦

Your company's IBAN is required for Earny to produce a payment XML for salary payouts each month.

✅ Employee checklist for Swiss payroll

  1. AVS /AHV number 🔢

Employees should input their AHV numbers into Earny. The company has the responsibility of registering an employee at the cantonal SVA office for the employee to receive an AHV number.

  1. Permit status‍

🛂Employees should have a permit if not a Swiss citizen. This permit is required in payroll to identify if the employee is subject to withholding tax. EU nationals can apply for a residence permit from their municipality of residence in Switzerland before starting employment. For non-EU nationals, the employer must take steps to obtain a work permit from the cantonal migration and labor market authorities.

  1. IBAN 🏦

Employees should have a bank account and thus, should input their IBAN.

  1. Report children 👪

Employees with children are eligible to receive child allowances, education allowance, and in some cases, adoption allowances. An application must be submitted to local cantonal authorities to specify the allowance payment method.

  1. Assign Allowances

📋If you provide allowances to your employees such as car allowance, phone allowance, or other allowances, you need to specify those and advise us if they are canton-approved or not. Canton-approved allowances are not subject to taxation and appear similarly as an expense on an employee’s payslip.

About Earny 🎯

At Earny, we're dedicated to simplifying payroll and financial management for Swiss businesses. We're a premier Swiss payroll provider, bringing in an array of user-friendly digital tools to handle payroll intricacies with ease and precision. Our streamlined system covers your business needs from compensation fund and accident insurance management, to AHV declaration and vacation policy setup. Furthermore, our diligent automation ensures real-time withholding tax information transmission and effective handling of allowances. At Earny, we aim to facilitate your company's journey by offering comprehensive payroll solutions, freeing you to focus more on what you do best - growing your business!

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